T&L at BFS - an introduction

Since we opened BFS in September 2012 we’ve learned a lot around what does and doesn’t work in our school. We believe that we have done a pretty good job so far – we came top of our town with our first set of GCSE results in 2015 – but we have made a LOT of mistakes along the way.

We are *very* serious about our work...  ...very serious indeed.

BFS was founded by a group of local teachers who wanted to help put Bedford on the education map. Whilst Ofsted judgements paint quite a positive picture of the area, everyone accepts that outcomes for kids around here are too low. It’s not for want of people trying, money being available or local students being able enough – something just isn’t clicking.

We know that other parts of the country have been able to turn things around, and individual schools such as Mossbourne, King Solomon Academy and Perry Beeches Academy have proven that amazing things are possible. BFS was our contribution to things here in Bedford & Kempston.

The founding statement of BFS is:

“we believe that, given the right circumstances, every child is capable of extraordinary things”

To achieve this, we know our school has to be a great place for teachers to grow and develop in their practice. And we know that this will only happen through sharing ideas and experiences – the good, the bad and the downright ugly too. So we’ve decided to set up this occasional blog to share things & encourage contributions from others too.

We are clear that we don’t have all the answers to the challenges the children we serve, but hopefully this blog – and the thinking it will provoke - will help us along the way… If anyone reading this wants to come and see us in action, we’d love to show you around the place & have you tell us what you make of things. Just drop us a line.


Mark Lehain, November 2015

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