A brief history of BFS

A brief history of Bedford Free School

Bedford Free School is a new state school set up by teachers, families and other members of the community who are determined to make a positive difference to the educational landscape.

Like all state schools, Bedford Free School is open to all students regardless of income or ability. We are regulated and inspected by Ofsted, enter our students for GCSEs, and have our exam results published in league tables. So just like all other schools, the performance of BFS is closely monitored to assure parents that their children are being provided with a high standard of education.

But there are some key differences that we believe make Bedford Free School so distinctive…

For some time, concerned parents and education professionals in the local community campaigned for something new in a school for Bedford and Kempston. Parents said they wanted their children to experience a better education, with smaller year groups, longer school days that fit in with modern family life, and a real commitment to getting learning right.

With Bedford Free School, our community can welcome a new school that has been founded and shaped by local people.

Free Schools, like Academies, are funded by the Government but not limited by it. As a result Bedford Free School, shaped by the parents and the educational teams who support it, will not only have the freedom to direct resources where they are most needed, but also to design a curriculum which supports each student as an individual.

And whereas Academies are restricted to improving existing schools, Free Schools are brand new – they can be set up wherever best serves their community.

This clean slate means that Bedford Free School will be able to start anew with fresh, exciting ideas, and this ‘can do’ environment will attract talented education professionals and teachers who want to help young people achieve their potential.

These benefits, which are already available to existing Academy schools in the UK, as well as to schools participating in similar schemes in the USA and Sweden, have had a proven impact on education standards and, most importantly, improved the life prospects of the children they serve.

This is Bedford Free School’s goal for children in Bedford and Kempston.

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